One of the absolutely oddest things in Japan is the sunrise. I woke up in the morning feeling fairly rested and seeing sunlight pouring through the cracks in the curtains. I went to have a look at morning in Tokyo. It’s a particularly pretty site with the fresh sun reflecting off both the deep greenery and the white-grey of the tiled buildings.

From the sun’s position, I gathered it was 7:00-7:30 maybe. Checking the iPad’s time, I find it’s 5:30! 5:30 with sunlight flooded around me. The sun rose today (found after a quick google) at 4:39AM. 4:39AM.


I know that anyone reading this is probably less amused. “Yes idiot. You are in a different latitude. Tilt of the Earth, path of the Sun, blah blah blah.” And yes, okay while that all makes sense, we usually only apply logic retrospectively. And it’s 5:30 in the morning; my best mental faculties were not working quite so strong. (I know I just wrote at sunrise yesterday but when I looked at the time later I thought it was a glitch or I read it wrong.) Anyway, look at it from my point of view. I went to bed at 1:00AM. This is, in my book, a good bedtime hinging on the side of being a little early. I awake to what I think is a restful night of sleep only to find it’s just been four hours. I mean I often go to sleep at 4:30AM!

Well, I’ll stop my amazed ranting now but suffice it to say (thank you Tuvok for that phrase btw) it is a strange feeling that one of the deepest things you’ve taken for granted has suddenly shifted on you. For anyone interested, sunset today is at 6:55PM.