Heeeeeeeey friends.

So that whole ‘Travel Blog’ idea worked out real well. Ha..ha. But! The good news is that Allen and I are in fact whole, healthy, and still alive (or our usual amount of undeadness) and back in the good ole USA.

We had a great trip chock full of adventures: fencing, fighting, torture, revenge… No not really. But we did get to experience a lot and took loads of pictures while doing it. (Seriously. Like 15,000 pictures. I am not looking forward to sorting those.) I also managed to write in my travel journal while on the trip. So, I’ll go ahead and continue to update the blog with my writing from the journal and the photos we took.

Me and my journal. I respect Marco Polo a lot more now…


That being said, let me once again apologize for the quality of my writing. Its been many years since I had to think on grammar rules and I realize now that I don’t remember any. (I’m fairly certain that parentheses shouldn’t be used so often though.)

If you want any of the pictures for desktop backgrounds or the like then let me know. I had to scale them way down for the website but I have them all at ridiculously large sizes: 4608 x 3456 pixels. (It was awhile before we realized the camera was taking pictures that big and then we just decided to carry on.)

Continuing onward! Our pair of intrepid adventurers were waking up in the small town of Inuyama…


Bonus Pics: Inside my journal. My writing kept getting smaller and smaller to fit it all in.


DSCN2304_fixExtra Bonus Pic: We’re also still amazing just in case you were wondering.20151009_182548